Annelise Duque & Gwen Davis-Barrios // Doug Wildfoerster

Annelise Duque

Annelise Duque is a Filipino-American artist who explores cultural identity, heritage, and belonging in her photographs. Her work borrows from the aesthetics of mid-century home magazines and uses the symbol of the garden to seek for connection and healing. Her work has been shown by Tropical Contemporary, Rio Gallery, and Humble Arts Foundation. Duque is currently an Artist-in-Resident at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Doug Wildfoerster

At Different times in the distant past I majored in both theater and art at the University of Utah. In my current incarnation these two disciplines have come together. My paintings constitute a notebook of ideas–characters, locations, moods, motivations–for a play I’ve been working on my whole life, as it turns out. I’m almost done with it; I just have to write the ending. I’ve had solo shows at Alpine Art and at the Chapman Library, the Day-Riverside Library and the Duchesne County Library, and have been in group shows at the Springville Museum of Art and Art Access Gallery. My medium is watercolor. My upcoming exhibition at Finch Lane Gallery is titled, “CASSANDRA NEVER REALLY DID COME BACK FROM MEXICO: PAINTING THE STANISLAVSKI WAY.”


Aïsha Lehmann // Sonia & Miriam Albert Sobrino

Aïsha Lehmann

Aïsha Lehmann is an artist based in Provo, Utah. She is currently in Brigham Young University’s Studio Art BFA program, with minors in Sociology and Africana Studies. She is an artist and researcher, grappling with the complexities of identity in race, ethnicity, gender, and spirituality. As she researches, she examines academic studies as well as her own gathered material on others’ personal experiences and narratives. She translates observations into imagery using paper, patterns, drawing, and printmaking techniques. She is preparing for an upcoming solo show at the Finch Lane Gallery in Salt Lake City.

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Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino AKA Also Sisters

We are storytellers from Spain; pretentious European raconteurs who finish each other sentences; and headache-inducing-machines who since 2011 navigate the fluid world of Film and Media Arts from the United States. In 2007, we left behind successful careers as Registered Nurses and we pursued our childhood dreams of becoming filmmakers. Four years later and with BFAs in Film, New Media and Communications, we moved to the United States where we continue to develop our signature style and earned our MFAs in Film Production. We infuse our film work with the strong lisp of our mother tongue, and with the corrosive ironic touch of the always suspicious attitude of the Galegos. Our work often times relies on surrealism, magical realism and unconventional modes of narrative to tell compelling stories about the transformative nature of liminal space. Film Critic Andrew Robertson said once about us: “Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino do mostly everything with relation to writing; scripting; directing photography and so on, and as with the Coens and the Wachowskis their sibling partnership gives us two heads thinking as one”. In addition to making films and telling stories in unison, we are deeply committed to teaching. We love sharing our knowledge and expertise with the newest generations of film and media artists whether in the classroom or on set. Each of us holds appointments as Assistant Professors in the Film and Media Arts Department at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, where we live since 2011. WHY ALSO SISTERS? ALSO SISTERS is Sonia and Miriam’s professional adopted name. A portmanteau of their last name: ALbert-SObrino and the answer to the all too frequent question: “So, you make films together, huh? … And you are also sisters?” “Yes, Twin Sisters”…

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