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August 9, 2024 - September 20, 2024

Friday, August 16, 6-9pm: Opening Reception & SLC Gallery Stroll

Friday, September 20, 6-9pm: Closing Reception & SLC Gallery Stroll



This group exhibition, curated by Joseph Ostraff, uses our responses to greenhouses— visiting greenhouses, as well as theoretical greenhouses—to look at the potentials that might exist when we bring together diverse perspectives to institutionalized norms. The artists participating in this project used their observations and experiences while visiting greenhouses, as well as the unique atmosphere those structures create—with its controlled environment—to examine the implications of human interactions with the natural world.Some of the ideas played with included but were not limited to actual spaces designed to cultivate and research and traditional notions of what a greenhouse represents. Others played with the tension between growth and confinement, spaces of control and manipulation, the relationship between humanity and the environment, and greenhouses as a metaphor for cultural norms, and symbols of human desire.

Simon Zivny:   

My photography is mostly candid, dealing with unprepared subjects. I am not interested in the curation of subject, setting, or light, but in the image as a moment that is both strange and real.
My project, “On Route”, is a collection of pictures taken while delivering mail. The pictures are individually about nothing, just for looking at, the way great music is for listening to. But because of the origin they all share, together they form narratives, starting with work (mail delivery), and extending to suburbs, poverty, place, and subjects not bound by my own design.


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Hours subject to change.  Finch Lane Gallery also participates in the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll on the 3rd Friday each month from 6-9pm.  More Information

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