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October 4, 2024 – November 15, 2024

Friday, October 4, 6-9pm: Opening Reception

Friday, October 18, 6-9pm: SLC Gallery Stroll

Friday, November 18, 6-9pm: Closing Reception & SLC Gallery Stroll


Nancy Steele-Makasci & Marcus Vincent: Losing Ground 

Nancy Steele-Makasci
My art focuses on the portrayal of the rising inequalities in American society, including gender disparity and economic/judicial inequality. My inspiration is the anger and powerlessness I feel in the face of dwindling opportunities, especially for women and minorities, and the continual erosion of global and American standards of living. I strive to create art that dynamically displays the power of the print and artist’s books to communicate ideas significance to contemporary social justice issues.

Marcus Vincent
Born in San Francisco, California, Marcus Vincent was raised in Buffalo, New York. His work centers on ideas around emotional and psychological states of being as realized through interpretive color interaction, qualities of paint/surface, and Zen gesture.

Finding the State of Life in our contemporary situation rife with contradictions and maledictions, the Losing Ground series paintings and drawings present a lamentation of things in jeopardy. The world has seemingly gone insane in that what one could once assert as truth is challenged by mere “opinion.” So much death. Pandemic, wars, aggressions, habitat destruction. This is insane.

Alexandra Fuller: Participatory Universe  

Alexandra Fuller’s exhibition, Participatory Universe, is a landscape installation and photography project that asks what happens when we intentionally observe something that we had not previously noticed. Each image showcases a large black frame set in a landscape of nothingness. With each image,  the photographer and the viewer, both become observers in an experiment: when we bring focused attention to these vistas that previously existed in some unseen limbo, do they change? Does the nothingness become a somethingness? 

Alexandra works primarily in photography, film, and writing. The relationship between people and place, the idea of impermanence, and the drive to make meaning influence her art practice in every medium.


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Hours subject to change.  Finch Lane Gallery also participates in the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll on the 3rd Friday each month from 6-9pm.  More Information

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