Alec Bang & Douglas Tolman // Rachel Hancey

Alec Bang & Douglas Tolman, (in)land

Alec Bang and Douglas Tolman explore issues of land-use in the West, whiteness, and seeking how to be responsible visitors in a land colonized by their ancestors. To address these issues, Bang and Tolman intentionally appropriate the visual language of their colonizer ancestors as a response to the socio-ecological problems which followed colonization of the West. The exhibition will incorporate sculptural works, maps, and photographic documentation of Bang and Tolman’s creative process.


Alec Bang is an artist + designer born in Utah, descended from European immigrants. He is working towards a career of integrating art and design into sustainable building techniques and integrating ecological methods into affordable community housing.

Douglas Tolman currently lives and serves as an AmeriCorps Member in Green River, Utah with a focus on youth education, affordable housing and implementation of a new town park. This fall he begins MFA candidacy at the University of Utah to further his passion for art, education, and socio-ecological equity.

Rachel Hancey, Impermanence

Rachel Hancey seeks to represent the ephemeral nature of sublime experience. In developing a visual language that can adequately speak to such abstract and transcendental experience, Hancey looks to ethereal phenomena. Her work explores the evanescent qualities of light, time, and atmosphere, for which she has developed a visual language. She’ll be exhibiting a series of screen prints which incorporate atmospheric gradients of color, as well as delicate hand drawn components and distorted photographs.


Rachel Hancey is based in Logan, Utah. She is a recent graduate from Utah State University where she earned a BFA in Printmaking with a minor in Art History. Hancey has received multiple creative research grants, awards, and graduated with high honors.



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9:30 am ~ 5:00 pm

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