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Μeet one of the artists of our current art exhibition at Finch Lane Gallery. VACANCIES by Malachi Wilson was on display until April 21st.

1. How/where do you find inspiration?

I am very interested in anthropology, both in a cultural and biological sense. The way that we interact with the natural world, create systems which mirror the naturally occurring ones around us, and create meaning out of it all fascinates me. I like to think of art as a way in indexing or documenting moments or phenomena within those structures, and a way of making sense of how each of us fit into it.

I am also very interested in other artists who imbed material culture, history or process into their work.

2. What techniques do you use in the creation of your artwork?

I end up bouncing around a lot in my work. I use gel medium transfers a lot as a way of making image media more physically heavy and present. Some of the sculptural work that I do incorporates pretty traditional processes, but it is the intersection or intrusions into these processes which really excite me. Much of my work incorporates found objects, which I think can be very grounding. It is far easier to start making things in reference to something that already exists than to attempt to create from nothing. Many of my works feel like reactions or attempted reconciliations to questions or problems that I have, so in a way when I am thinking about what I’m producing, they feel almost more like inventions than art objects.

3. How do you balance your time in the studio with family, work/other commitments?

I don’t! What a delight! I think it is important to let your mind wander, many of my best ideas have come when I am doing something else entirely. I don’t think being an artist is about carving away time to be or do one thing and then the next, it is about finding the times where the different parts of your life converge, and really cherishing (and maybe fixating on) those moments.

4. How useful is social media for you? What other ways do you stay connected to your audience

I have a love / hate relationship with social media. It is definitely a worthwhile tool in disseminating information or showing people what I’m working on but as much as possible I like inviting people personally to see what I’ve been doing or to come to an event. I know many great artists who see art primarily as an excuse for community and whether or not I think that fully agree with that I acknowledge that you can’t have art without it.

Learn more about Malachi Wilson.

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