Do you love watching cooking shows? Then join us for these in-person food demonstrations led by chefs featuring cuisine from around the world. Located in the Salt Lake Public Library old Comic Book Shop.

Razem presents Polish Pierogies

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Meaning “together” in Polish, Razem has served the Polish community in Utah as a non-profit since 2002. Razem’s goals are simple: we aim to promote the language, culture, heritage and history of Poland within the state of Utah. We create community through events like picnics, potlucks, folk dance lessons and pick-up games. We have created the Polish School, ultimately passing our traditions and language from generation to generation. Polish food is one recognizable aspect to our rich culture, and food is what brings people “Razem.”   

Facebook: @Razem Utah – Polonia

Instagram: @Razemutah

Prime Corn presents Aztec and Mayan Recipes

4:30 – 5:30 pm

Wendy Juarez started Prime Corn in December 2021 as a catering business, bringing fresh food to festivals and events with Aztec recipes made from scratch. My recipes highlight nutritious and delicious, plant based ingredients, and while some are rarely found in the valley, all were commonly used by the people of the Americas before Columbus’ arrival. I like to focus on sustainability and available ingredients, with an adaptable menu depending on the season. Favorites include fresh tortillas, tacos, mole, tamales, aguas frescas; fillings may include corn smut, squash blossoms, cactus paddles, mushrooms, spinach and a variety of vegan selections.  

Facebook: @PrimeCornFood

Instagram: @PrimeCornFood

Delicius presents Venezuelan Dishes

6:00 – 7:30 pm

“The Venezuelan gastronomy is diverse and varied, it is the result of the cultural mix of the native inhabitants and the immigrants coming from Europe, Asia, Africa, characterized by a diverse mix of exquisite flavors. Delicius is an idea that arises as an alternative to spread the customs and roots of Venezuelan cuisine. Together with the support of “Spice Kitchen Incubator” we have managed to offer healthy, simple, and practical products with exquisite Caribbean flavor. The founders of Delicius are Chef Ahimara and Eliceo, they are from Valencia, Venezuela and have been sharing their products here in Utah since 2019.”

Facebook: @Deliciusut

Instagram: @Deliciusut