Impermanence is a body of artwork exploring the unpresentable and ephemeral nature of sublime experience. In developing a visual language that can adequately speak to such abstract and transcendental significance, I’ve found myself drawn to elements and phenomena of the natural world which are too vast to quantify, ethereal, and simply intangible—elements which are nearly invisible yet remain perceivable through existential means. The evanescent qualities of light, time, and atmosphere have emerged within my work as the visual “morphemes” of a sublime language. This softly hazy body of work utilizes principles of the atmosphere to elicit a sense of limitlessness and indeterminacy. Gradients of color speak to the immense potentiality found within the liminal space between the earth and the sky. The delicate hand drawn components and vague, digitally distorted photographs superimposed onto these atmospheric layers speak to overarching themes of existentialism, our primordial and metaphysical connection to light, and finding quietness in our modern world of flux and digital consumption.


Rachel Hancey is an interdisciplinary artist living in Logan, Utah. She is a recent graduate from Utah State University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking with a minor in Art History. Hancey has received multiple creative research grants, awards, and graduated with high honors. She has exhibited her work in solo, group, and juried exhibitions nationally and internationally. Rachel utilizes the multiplicity of print in variation to portray the ephemeral and transcendent nature of sublime experiences. While print has been her primary avenue of expression, she has more recently begun expanding her creative practice to include photography, art film, and site-specific installation sculpture.