Jensen explores the cultural disconnect that lies between understanding our relationship with the natural environment and our drive toward economic prosperity. She is curious about our seemingly insatiable material desires, which have led to the very consumption of the natural environment. Poetry has been lost, replaced with rational thinking. Lost also are the subtleties of the human experience, and forgotten are the scarred landscapes around us. How can we cultivate mindfulness to become more aware of our environment? Jensen approaches the act of painting as a restorative process. The paintings are constructed of recycled material, and the painting/assemblage process is done in the spirit of connectedness with our environment, thereby attempting to regenerate and to reinvent our relationship with the landscape. It is her conviction that this is the foremost battlefield of our time.

Andrea Jensen was born in Illinois to a large Midwest farming family, it was here that Andrea found inspiration for art. Her work is intricately tied to the landscape; its use, misuse and the individual’s sense of place within it. Receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa in 2002, Andrea worked as an elementary art teacher, and climbing instructor in Boulder, Colorado before pursuing her MFA at the University of Arizona. She was featured in the MFA Annual of New American Paintings. Her work has been shown nationally including Hous Projects in New York City, Gallery 19 in Chicago and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

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