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Robb “Little Owl” Martin is a Native American Flute player, maker, and storyteller.  His family originates from Southwest Colorado and he is a descendant of the Southern Ute, Jicarilla Apache, and Navajo nations.  He enjoys educating people about Native American history and culture through his stories, and believes strongly in preserving the traditional ways of his people.  He taught himself to play the flute by listening to other flute players and experimenting with different sounds and techniques.  His interest soon expanded into making his own flutes.  A machinist by trade, Robb had the equipment and the ability to start creating wooden flutes out of a variety of trees that he found around the yard.

He is a long-time performer at the Living Traditions Festival.  He has also performed at various venues, schools, and festivals throughout Utah including Red Butte Gardens, Utah Museum of Natural History, Young Living Farm, Festival of the American West, and the Zion Canyon Native Flute Festival.  In addition to performing, Robb also continues the tradition of raising and training his own horses for barrel racing, parades, as well as film work.  He has worked on numerous film projects depicting Native American culture and history with artist and filmmaker Ben McPherson. Any opportunity to spread and educate people about his culture is always welcomed.

This video was supported through a grant from the Utah Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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