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Born and raised in Berlin Germany, with her dad, a genealogist and mom, a natural folk artist, the draw to family history and ancestral traditions was ever present. Decorating eggs in springtime was an all-embracing custom throughout Europe. In adulthood, questions arose around the where, when, how and why of these traditions, resulting in teaching about Pysanky.

I never knew my grandparents and so after taking a DNA test the reasons for the “Songs of the Heart” became clear. Three quarters of my family tree is from Eastern Europe. This brought a joy; clarifying the feelings of being in tune with those cultures.

I learned that when young and old alike know where they came from, treasure and nurture the ties to their roots through ‘writing’ their stories on Pysanky, there is a peace in the heart of the makers. My intention is to teach the skills to allow the students to find that peace and pass it on. Ingrid is an avid genealogist, gardener and piano teacher.



This video was supported through a grant from the Utah Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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