Through outreach and engagement the Salt Lake City Arts Council creates connections between the arts and the public, cultivates future artists and arts organizations, and gives voice to community arts needs.



As the designated arts organization for Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake City Arts Council provides access to arts opportunities in diverse disciplines, price points, locations, and depth of experience in order to promote public participation.

Various opportunities to present programming or partner with other organizations arise throughout the year. Some of these opportunities may become ongoing offerings while others may be one-time events.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2021 – 2026

A reflexive plan that will guide the Salt Lake City Arts Council in building the internal strength to foster equity in the community, bolster the arts through new and creative partnerships, and empower the arts sector as a whole. The plan addresses the ways we hope to work internally as a team as well as externally, engaging with artists and community members.

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This document outlines the findings and insights gleaned from four Stakeholder Roundtable meetings conducted from October to November, 2019 in partnership with the Salt Lake City Arts Council board and staff.

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In 2018, the Salt Lake City Arts Council hired Union Creative Agency to conduct a Gap Analysis and Needs Assessment study for the Arts Council. The study included reviewing and compiling information for City master plans, studies and raw data sets to identify gaps in programs, resources, and other assets.

Several goals resulting from the study included: Conduct a strategic planning process (to be completed June 2020), Continue to assess and establish clarity in the current organizational model of the Salt Lake City Arts Council, and to conduct continued Stakeholder Engagement.

Work with Salt Lake City departments and planning teams to ensure they recognize the value of the Salt Lake City Arts Council as a potential partner in the developments and areas covered by the assessed Master Plans.

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The Salt Lake City Arts Council partners with local organizations to host literary events in the Finch Lane Gallery. Through the Guest Writer Series and the READ LOCAL Onsite events, the Arts Council hosts monthly readings that feature local and national writers and are free to attend. Dates for the 2019-2020 calendar year can be found below. Readings and location will be updated as they are confirmed.

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