Flash Projects supplements resources for emerging to established individuals and groups by providing professional opportunities for those working in various arts and cultural practices.

PROArtes México // Punto de Inflexión Dance Company

October 1 & 2, 2021
Dance Film Screening: 12-6pm (screening on loop—drop-in anytime)
Dance Performance: 7-8pm

PROArtes México Dance Film Screening of Corriente Alterna

PROArtes México presents the second edition of Corriente Alterna: Dinámicas F en Movimiento a Través de la Lente Mexicana / F Motion Dynamics Through the Mexican Lens, a curation of short dance films that explore how the female body in motion has been represented in the Mexican context since the 50s.

PROArtes México was co-founded by Stephanie García and Peter Hay in order to promote exemplary Mexican art internationally.

Punto de Inflexión Dance Performance Vanished Vibrations

This site-specific dance performance is inspired by ongoing research on the physical memory of female-gendered violence victims in the Mexican context.

Punto de Inflexión is co-founded and co-directed by Stephanie García.

If you have any questions, email Claire Taylor, Visual Arts Coordinator, at

“Quotidien / Quotidian” by Tori Meyer & Arin Lynn

Performances to be held on June 17, 18, 19, 2021 at 8:00 pm at 54 Finch Lane.*

Quotidien/Quotidian is a dance theater performance and gallery installation, which investigates intimacy and queerness. Lynn and Meyer’s project is a response to scrutiny of the private lives of queer individuals. Lynn and Meyer invite the gaze of the audience into their daily routines, in order to create understanding, familiarity, and a sense of community.

“The Dead See Scrolls” by Alex Moya

March 3-6, 2021

Tired of endlessly scrolling online? Take a break from the digital world, and visit an art installation that takes a playful look at the blurred line between the physical and the digital. Alex Moya combines the ideas of old, analog scrolls that hold history, information, and mystical truths, to comment on our contemporary, digital scrolling through digital pages. The installation will include a projection of “scrolling” video collages and manipulations of social media that will be projected onto a paper scroll. In addition, Moya will create mixed media works on paper that feature elements of social media blended with snippets of old scrolls, blurring the lines between these digital and physical technologies.

Artist Talk


Through a new initiative, the Salt Lake City Arts Council’s Finch Lane Gallery is opening its gallery spaces for short-term, interdisciplinary, community-oriented, and/or experimental projects. The goal of Finch Lane Flash Projects is to supplement resources for emerging to established individuals and groups by providing professional opportunities for those working in various arts and cultural practices. As a non-commercial space, Finch Lane Gallery is able to support a range of projects, artworks, and events to re-imagine the use of the Finch Lane Gallery spaces and to further community engagement in the arts by providing space, visibility, and an audience to share new works with. Individuals and groups are invited to take over the galleries with their various “flash” projects, which may vary in length from several minutes to several days during the allotted times.

The application for Finch Lane Flash Projects closed. To learn of future opportunities at Finch Lane Gallery, please join our monthly e-mail newsletter.   

EXAMPLE PROJECTS (but not limited to):
Performances (dance, music, etc); interdisciplinary arts festivals; sound/audio works; fashion shows; literary events; workshops; experimental film screenings; community gatherings; multi-disciplinary panel discussions; short-term immersive art installations; research presentations; or other arts & culture related projects.

The Finch Lane Gallery can provide projects with gallery space, basic digital media technology (projector, media players, TV monitor), banquet tables, seating, pedestals, half-kitchen, and visibility on Salt Lake City Arts Council social media platforms. Finch Lane Flash Projects provides a $200 honorarium per project; applicants are responsible for all other associated costs and materials.

SPACE: *We recommend visiting the space to become familiar with it and determine if it’s appropriate for your project. The galleries are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.*

Total Maximum Occupancy: 150

East Gallery

  • Approximately 918 square feet
  • Walls 100” high
  • Multiple pedestals (varying sizes) for 3D work

West Gallery

  • Approximately 550 square feet
  • Walls 100” high
  • Multiple pedestals (varying sizes) for 3D work
  • Access to outdoor patio




The Salt Lake City Arts Council will be responsible for the final selection of projects, social media and press releases, and providing access to the gallery and available on-site support during agreed upon hours. Each project will receive an honorarium of $200. For selected projects, project organizers will be asked to provide biographical materials, a project statement, and several images of similar works to be used for marketing purposes. Project organizers will be responsible for setup and breakdown of projects in the gallery. The Arts Council will provide basic media technology and tables/chairs as needed, but project organizers will be responsible for securing any additional resources. For large events, the project organizer is responsible for staffing the duration of the event. All projects must be approved by the Arts Council prior to their execution. The Arts Council reserves the right to make final decisions on which projects are appropriate for a gallery within a publicly funded space, and may request alterations or cancel projects at its discretion.