Dream States is an examination of the different ways we dream, whether it be processing the past in REM sleep, planning for the future while we are awake, or meditating on what it means to simply be. Our work mimics flow between passive and active dream states. Dreaming is a unique experience, characterized by the familiar and the fantastical. At times, dreaming presents aspects of our own control and involvement, and at times it feels vast, intense, and completely out of our control. The soft and ethereal work speaks to the early stages of dreaming and drifting, while more vivid imagery illicit our captive imaginations, which leave imprints on memories which linger upon waking.


Emily Quinn Loughlin (she/her) is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Loughlin is driven to digest the waste materials of her community, using reclaimed materials from local businesses in her fine art pieces. Through these artworks, as well through art installation and fashion projects, Loughlin seeks to create healing within herself and in her community.

Samantha daSilva’s (she/her) paintings are visual narratives of the universal experiences of abandonment, heritage, and the eternal sense of home. This sense is based on daSilva’s extensive travels and her acquirement of (nearly) three citizenships. daSilva incorporates her current environment of the American West into her work by using iron-rich Utah dirt, salt from the Great Salt Lake, plaster, repurposed paint, metallic pigment, and local newspaper to create ethereal and textured abstract paintings.

Caitlyn Barhorst (they/them) is the avid maker, crafter, and creative behind Alabaster and Stone. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, they are inspired by nature and the beautiful mountains that surround the West. By day they practice architecture and by night they dabble in weaving, ceramics, painting, and printmaking. They love all things old and rusty and are constantly searching estate sales and thrift stores for materials to use in their work.

Hannah Dwertman (she/her) works in collages of found imagery to create scenes that play with scale and color to evoke festivity, curiosity, and mystery. Her occupations as an acupuncturist and herbalist have drawn her to the themes of nature, healing, and the cosmos in her work.