Q: The guidelines say to upload 5-10 images. But when you get to the field to upload the images, it says “Select up to 15 files to attach.” I’m assuming that the 15 limit is for exhibits with multiple artists, and the 10 limit is for individual artists. Is that correct, or can I upload 15 images?

A: Indeed, the limit is 10 images for a single artist, as stated in the guidelines. Do not upload more than 10 images if you are applying as a solo artist.

Q: Work Samples Section: If the limit is 10 images for a single artist, is it acceptable to upload a file or two that shows two works? I have one work that is a diptych, and another couple of works that were completed as part of a continuous series and, while they are not diptychs, they do work well

A: It is acceptable to upload a file or two which shows more than one work.

Q: I would like to include a very large piece which would be hung from the ceiling. It will be relatively light weight. Is this possible?

A: As far as hanging anything from the ceiling, it will need to be installed in such a way as to leave the ceiling tiles essentially unchanged. Hanging from the ceiling with t-pins should be fine. So as long as your piece can be hung with a few t-pins, it should likely work. If you are offered an exhibition in the east gallery it might be possible to use the ceiling molding.

Q: Can our organization submit two applications for 2023 exhibitions?

A: Yes, your organization can submit two applications.

Q: I’m applying on behalf of my organization. Should I include my own resume? I’m including bios for all the artists, and can include my resume if needed.

A: You could put your resume, but if you’re applying as your organization, you could put something there which represents your organization, and perhaps a brief resume or bio for yourself to represent your experience in organizing or being involved in similar endeavors.

Q: The work I intend to exhibit is in progress, and is different than my past work. Should I submit images of my in progress work or my past work?

A: It’s a good idea to submit your strongest completed work. If your completed work is quite different from the work you intend to exhibit, we recommend submitting one or two images of your in progress work, and state on your application that the specific work examples are in progress.

Q: Looking for clarification on image size requirements for the Finch Lane 2023 exhibition proposals. It states that you would like a minimum of 1000 on the long edge, what would be the preferred length, is it just the 1000 minimum? Or is bigger better (guess I am wondering what the MAX length would be).

A: The images will only be viewed on screens so it doesn’t need to be a big file. Note that the maximum file upload size is 400mb, and the maximum total application submission size is 800mb—probably far larger than what is needed for 10 still images, if you’re not submitting video work. For still images, I don’t know what the max length would be, but I would say that a file which around 1500 to 3000 pixels long, or 2mb to 5mb in size should be sufficient.

Q: Do I need to title my image file with dimensions, year, media, etc?

A: You can title the image files whatever you want. There will be dialog boxes in the Submittable application to include the image info such as the dimensions, year, media, etc.