Elpitha Tsoutsounakis’ design process begins in the field, in active participation with Ochres (iron-oxide minerals) in their environment—largely inactive mine sites in Southern Utah. She uses Ochres as a lens to look at human and non-human relationships. What results is an atlas of her experiences with Ochres in location. Ochre bodies, pigments, swatches, texts, and maps are among the visual language she’ll be exhibiting.

Tsoutsounakis is a Cretan-American designer, printer, and educator. She is an Assistant Professor and founding faculty in the Multi-disciplinary Design program at the University of Utah. As a first-generation college student raised in an immigrant family she completed her B.S. in Architecture at the University of Utah and her M.Arch at the University of Texas at Austin. CLICK HERE to learn more about Elpitha Tsoutsounakis’ work.