We are looking for a Public Art Program Manager to manage the City’s public art program. The public art program commissions artists to create new work specifically for identified projects including fire stations, public buildings, parks and city streets and neighborhoods. In order to reflect the rich diversity of the citizens of Utah, the public art program selects local and national artists to create thought provoking and relevant artwork that represents a wide range of social, cultural, and historical values and characteristics. Under the direction of the Arts Division Administration team this role involves: coordinating the work of the advisory body (Salt Lake Art Design Board); managing each public art project from initial development through installation; managing information regarding the public art program; budget management and stewardship of funds; managing maintenance, inventory and related aspects of program; facilitating plans for community outreach; working with  community members and internal and external stakeholders; and working with artists and members of each project team through completion.

This position is based in the historic Art Barn in Reservoir Park, a community arts center and exhibition venue since the 1930’s. As a hybrid organization, both public and non-profit, this position requires excellent communication skills; a positive and willing attitude; flexibility to shift in working with diverse populations from elected officials to groups from varied socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds across the City; and the ability to both creatively research and vision process and programs, as well as take direction on priorities of the organization Department, Board(s) and City as appropriate. Experience and awareness of incorporating the perspectives of multiple communities and the consideration of impacts and outcomes of a decision-making process and policy is key. A strong value set and accountability to the public, board, and administration to best serve the needs of our residents is key both from a service and fiscal perspective. Equity and inclusion, community development, and collaborative partnerships are a priority.

The Salt Lake City Arts Council was established by City ordinance in 1976. It is part of the Arts Division in the Department of Economic Development that maintains a nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. Art Council programs currently include Living Traditions, Twilight Concert Series, Finch Lane Gallery, Brown Bag Concert Series, Literary Arts Programs, Public Art Program, and City Arts Grants. The Arts Council also fulfill various other roles such as technical assistance, education, professional development, marketing, incubation, and convening.

Mission: The mission of the Salt Lake City Arts Council is to promote, present, and support artists and arts organizations in order to facilitate the development of the arts and expand awareness, access, and engagement.

Vision: We envision a connected and vibrant Salt Lake City where artists and culture-makers thrive, diverse voices shape the city, and the arts are integral to our community fabric.

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This is a full-time fully benefited position with Salt Lake City.