The Salt Lake City Arts Council is pleased to present its newest exhibitions featuring artists Andrea Jensen, Max Barnewitz & Joshua Graham at the Finch Lane Gallery, January 15 through February 26, 2021. In the interest of public safety we are offering limited hours with gallery visits are by appointment and comply with the Utah Leads Together and CDC recommendations.

Andrea Jensen, Storms

Jensen explores the cultural disconnect that lies between understanding our relationship with the natural environment and our drive toward economic prosperity. She is curious about our seemingly insatiable material desires, which have led to the very consumption of the natural environment. Poetry has been lost, replaced with rational thinking. Lost are the subtleties of the human experience, and forgotten are the scarred landscapes around us. How can we cultivate mindfulness to become more aware of our environment? Jensen approaches the act of painting as a restorative process. The paintings are constructed of recycled material, and the painting/assemblage process is done in the spirit of connectedness with our environment, thereby attempting to regenerate and to reinvent our relationship with the landscape.

Max Barnewitz & Joshua Graham, The Animal That Therefore I Am

The Animal That Therefore I Am asks us to reimagine the boundaries between human and animal. This exhibition, named after the lectures of Jacques Derrida, uses scavenged and gleaned materials to dissolve these and other boundaries. Derrida’s lectures dismantle the word “animal,” concerned that the simplification violently reduces all non-human animals to a monolith. The artworks in the exhibition use image and text together to underscore linguistic and social systems. The artistic media – newsprint, masking-tape, Xerox copies, detritus, and magazine cutouts – erode the hierarchy of material. In addition to Barnewitz’s and Graham’s collaborative collaged work, the gallery space will be installed with a chalk board and bulletin boards to create a space for learning. Art materials will be provided for gallery visitors to create their own work in response to the exhibition’s themes.

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