Nature, the act of play, and technology are the main subjects that I explore. With each theme in mind I create multimedia installations that evoke an awkward and playful sense of energy and humor. My aim is to transcend the barriers of a given art medium, and to blur the boundaries between disciplines.

My interest in landscape and nature derives from the American southwest in which I was raised. I grew up surrounded by incredibly beautiful landscapes that continue to amaze me, and my early fascination with the outdoors grew into obsession. As a result this work is a response to, and exploration of, environmental concerns. Cell phone towers fabricated to look like trees parody our cultures conflicted need to exploit and conserve the earth. Using a wide range of media, I wish to articulate, understand and emphasize the artificial within contemporary landscapes. In this particular project, I am influenced by Ecofeminist theory. This exhibition presents visual interpretations of the Utah landscape, along with ruminations on the correlation between the treatment of the natural world and women within a patriarchal society.

BIO: Kasey Lou Lindley was born in San Francisco, California and raised in Utah. She studied at the New York Studio Program, received her BFA from the Ringling College of Art & Design, and her MFA from the University of Connecticut. In 2017 she was the recipient of the Cynthia Eyre Award and the Melusine Award for Painting from the Honolulu Museum of Art. She currently lives in Holualoa, Hawaii and works for the Holualoa Foundation for Arts & Culture.