“The Salt Lake City Arts Council is in agreement with the statement made by Mayor Mendenhall as she acknowledged that “systemic racism affects our residents every day. We must all come together to intentionally address and dismantle the systemic oppression, discrimination, racism, and bigotry that exists in our city. The fear, anger, hurt, and frustration felt by so many in our community is justified, and we cannot allow its source to continue unaddressed.”

We acknowledge the ongoing injustices in Salt Lake City and across the nation and globe, and we support and mourn with the communities that continue to be impacted by systemic racism and police brutality. As an organization we are committed to the ongoing work required to make our city safe and equitable for all of its residents.

We are listening, learning, and want those who are hurting to know that we stand with you.”

Here are a few resources where you can learn and support. We will continue to add to this list of resources and information:

Black Lives Matter – Black Owned Utah Companies List

Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office – Link to Transparent Policing

Chicago Public Library – Anti Racist Reading List

Obama.org – Meet Anguish with Action