The Salt Lake City Art Design Board is pleased to announce the selection of artist Janet Echelman for the Regent Street public art commission.

Working in close cooperation with the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City (RDA) and project partners and stakeholders, the Design Board selected and recommended Janet Echelman to the Mayor for the Regent Street public art commission.

Echelman is a highly accomplished public artist currently based in Boston, Mass. She has a substantial portfolio of site-specific commissioned work around the world in addition to an impressive number of solo exhibitions, awards and speaking engagements. Through her artwork, she creates a sense of place which becomes the catalyst for a gathering place and destination.

“Visible from various access points, the suspended aerial sculpture will culminate as a fluid space of color, light, and energy in the central plaza,” said Echelman in her presentation to the Design Board. “Lighting and an interactive digital projection will transform the urban context of Regent Street and invite people in to discover the urban corridor, a new connector between Gallivan Center and City Creek Center. Inspired by the fluid dynamics of nature and salt crystals, the soft, billowing netted form will evoke the layered history of Regent Street and its role as a vibrant, ever-changing atmosphere within the city.”

Echelman’s creative process for her public work involves collaboration with her clients to develop a site-specific work that accomplishes her vision while meeting the project goals, City codes and safety requirements. To that end, she will work closely with the Design Board, RDA and project partners to seamlessly integrate her artwork into the space. The sculpture will compliment and work in harmony with the Eccles Theater and the street’s new design to become a dynamic, ethereal experience within the heart of the city.

“We’re so pleased with the Design Board’s artist selection for Regent Street,” said DJ Baxter, Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency. “Janet Echelman’s illuminated and interactive artwork will add to the vibrancy and activity of the street in a creative and inviting way.”

The Regent Street Review Committee included representatives from the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office, GSBS Architects (Regent Street project design team), Salt Lake County Center for the Arts, Salt Lake City Engineering, Salt Lake City Planning, CCRI Development, Downtown Alliance, UMOCA, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and VMG Partners.

The Regent Street public art project will be completed in the summer of 2016.