Living Traditions Festival


Over the last three months the Salt Lake City Arts Council has closely monitored the development of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the tremendous social and economic impact it has had within our community. While we would love nothing more than to come together and celebrate in-person, we will instead continue virtual offerings, small socially distanced pop-ups that follow state guidelines for the “general public”, and look to support the community in innovative and necessary ways as we monitor public health guidelines.

“This has been a challenging year for everyone and we felt our large in-person events and festivals would not be able to responsibly maintain social distancing.” Felicia Baca, Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Arts Council said. “Our team has shifted their focus to supporting the community with safety and support in mind.”

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Produced by the Salt Lake City Arts Council, The Living Traditions Festival is a FREE, three-day event presenting the traditional arts of Salt Lake City’s rich and varied cultural communities through dance, music, craft arts, food, panel discussions, school engagement and hands-on art making.

Approximately 30,000 people participate in the Living Traditions Festival each year, including students, families, performers, exhibiting artists, volunteers and attendees. More than 70 different cultural groups are represented each year—from Bosnian stuffed pitas and West African samosas to Chinese dragon dancing and Scottish bagpipes. The sights and flavors of the Festival cannot be found at any other cultural event in Utah.

The Living Traditions Festival is dedicated to preserving Utah’s diverse cultural landscape, by supporting the varied artistic traditions and cultural perspectives that create and sustain a strong and vibrant community. We achieve this mission by collaborating with folk and traditional artists and community members in sharing languages, food, art, dance and educational activities. Through the presentation of both historical and contemporary customs, Living Traditions aims to facilitate thoughtful conversations about the unique qualities of various cultures, and the similarities of the human experience, while creating bonds among community members.

Photo Credits: David Vogel Photography  and Photo Collective Studios


There are many ways to get involved with the Living Traditions Festival. From performing on one of the four stages to presenting and selling traditional crafts or food, this unique community event showcases the diverse communities that make Salt Lake City their home.

Performing Artists Music and dance are often at the heart of cultural expressions found in every community, developed for celebratory, sacred and daily occasions. The traditional performances of music and dance at Living Traditions provide a rich array of rhythm, movement, instruments, and vocals that engage the audience. With four stages at the Festival, performing groups can share their culture and artistry with audience members through dazzling costumes and energetic performances.

Food Market The Living Traditions food market is a multicultural dining experience and one of the highlights of the Festival. Audience members (as well as Festival staff) look forward to the opportunity to gather together and share some of the most delectable food traditions the Salt Lake community has to offer.

Craft Artists Exceptional examples of traditional crafts are created on-site at the Living Traditions Festival by masters of their respective art forms. These craft artists have acquired the skills and techniques that are passed down through generations or learned through apprenticeships. Craft items sold and presented at the Festival must be a traditional art form and handmade by the artist(s) presenting them.

Community Partner Booths  We value and appreciate our community partners! Our work could not happen without all of the other arts and cultural organizations that make Salt Lake City a vibrant place to live. Spread the word about your program or upcoming events or host activities at your booth. 


Mondays in the Park is produced in partnership with the Utah Division of Arts & Museums folk arts program, and presents FREE weekly Monday night concerts with Living Traditions artists at the Chase Home Museum in Liberty Park and at Jordan Park.




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