Current Exhibitions: Andrew Alba & Laura Hendricks

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Laura Hendricks

Laura Hendricks, SIX MONTH SUMMER No. 1, Mixed Media, 2020


I’m into summer. Now more than ever. We all have at least one summer that sticks out in our mind as a great one. Maybe it’s because you had a friend with a pool and they invited you over a lot. Maybe you looked really good. Maybe you rode your bike every evening. Maybe you went to BBQs and people loved your potato salad. Maybe your roses bloomed. Maybe you gained some confidence. Maybe you were a kid, or in college, or just starting your family, or recently retired.

Summer 2020 is another great summer. This one is yours, and mine too. We may be broke, but summer is free. We may be stressed, but summer is slow. We may be hot, but summer has shade. We may be bored, but summer has songs.

This collection of works is a celebration of the summer after that one spring. You know the one. That spring sucked, but we also learned some important things. One lesson we learned is that there is always summer.

Laura Hendricks is a photographic and mixed media artist living and working in Utah, USA. Her work explores the relationship between gratitude and perspective. Just as she collages different parts of multiple photos to create a different image, she’s grateful for the chance and privilege to add and subtract aspects of life in order to gain a better relationship with herself, family, friends, and Earth. With these changes comes perspective, which she addresses in her mixed media illusion works. She believes her curiosity and pursuit of both gratitude and wider life perspective are what led her to become an artist.

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Andrew Alba, Bird, Oil on canvas, 2020

Andrew Alba
Everyone Sucios

Borrowing techniques of abstraction from neo-expressionists, Andrew Alba’s work aims to evoke an emotional response while commenting on our wildly complex sociopolitical present. As a self-taught artist, Alba creates work without the theoretical constraints and critical expectations of the academy. Most of these paintings were created in the winter of 2019-2020. Alba painted every day in his studio in the early morning, when it was often still dark outside, with two space heaters that did little to warm him. This setting as well as his experience with depression, anxiety and chronic illness helped to inform the work in this exhibition. With the pandemic following close behind the winter, the themes and feelings of isolation and depression that had been informing the work became more recognizable on a global level. The title Everyone Sucios stems from the paranoia that the pandemic instilled in our minds – that everyone and everything is infected and a potential carrier of the virus.

Andrew Alba is a self-taught artist and descendant of Mexican migrant workers. Alba recently finished an Artist-In-Residence at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and at Modern West Fine Art. In 2020 Alba received the Visual Arts Fellowship from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. He has exhibited work throughout the Pacific Northwest and Salt Lake City where he was born, raised, and currently resides.

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