Artists of Utah presents: 35 x 35

Artists of Utah is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating an ecosystem in which the arts in our state can thrive. Since its inception in 2001, Artists of Utah has published 15 Bytes, an online magazine about the visual arts in Utah. Every 3.5 years, they focus their attention on the work of up-and-coming artists, all thirty-five year of age or younger, through the exhibition 35×35. From a statewide call-for-entries, Artists of Utah’s board of directors has selected 35 Utah-based artists to be showcased in the fifth iteration of this exhibition at Finch Lane Gallery.

This exhibition looks at the range of styles, themes and mediums being explored by this next generation of artists. From video work to oil paintings, narratives to process work, the pieces on display here promise an exciting future for the state’s visual art community.

To view and purchase artwork online, CLICK HERE.


List of Artists:

Megan Arné, Henry Becker, Adah Bennion, Carol Bold, Caitlin Connolly, Megan Knobloch Geilman, Rachel Hancey, Dana Hansen, Anita Hawkins, Kei Ito, Trishelle Jeffery, Erik Jensen, Natalie Kirk, Jamie Kyle, Mitchell Lee, Dilan Li, Ron Linn, Emily Quinn Loughlin, Laura Hope Mason, Sarah May, Kylie Millward, Art Morrill, Alison Neville, Hannah Nielsen, Zachary Norman, Lis Pardoe, Alexis Rausch, Mary Sinner, Jordan Snow, Danielle Susi, Douglas Tolman, Megan Trueblood, Justin Watson, Sarah Winegar, Rachel Zavecz.

Additional materials on these artists, including video interviews, can be found at Images of the exhibition can be found in the photo gallery below.