2019 Living Traditions Festival Craft Artist Interest Form

If you are interested in presenting or selling your traditonal craft or art at the 2019 Living Traditions Festival, please fill out the Interest Form.

Below is the interest form to participate as a craft artist for the 2019 Living Traditions Festival.
  • Please list your website or social media page, if any.
  • In your own words, describe your traditional skill/craft/art. When and why it is done in your culture?
  • Who did you learn the tradition from? When and where did you learn this tradition?
  • Describe your cultural community (example: Hawaiian, Laotian, etc.)
  • If you are invited to participate at the 2019 Living Traditions Festival, we need the following information: 1. Will you need any additional accomodations for your booth? (i.e. electrical power, additional weather protection, grid walls, easels, etc). Please describe below. 2. How many helpers or assistant artists will participate with you? On what days of the Festival?
  • During the Festival, would you be willing to teach a paid workshop or participate in a moderated panel discussion about your art?
  • The Living Traditions Festival is expanding to a year-round, City-wide program. We will be looking for artists to present or sell their art at other Living Traditions events throughout the summer and/or at the Fall Garden Party (Saturday, September 28th at the International Peace Gardens). We will also be scheduling workshops throughout the year for people to learn the traditional artforms presented at the Festival (June - October). Would you be willing to participate in one of these events?
  • Would you or a member of your group be willing to talk to the media regarding your participation in the Living Traditions Festival?
  • Please attach up to five photographs of your craft/art: (2MB each)
    Drop files here or


Contact the Craft Market Manager with any questions or concerns at adriennedecker@utah.gov